What are the advantages of using your ad network?

  • Your ads will run ONLY on a “curated” list of specific, geo-targeted, blue-chip and lifestyle sites that have shown to be effective and interesting to your target user
  • Spongecell interactivity is included at no additional cost, meaning that you can garner e-mail database opt-in sign-ups; enable download of a PDF brochure; show a sampling of your content via video, audio, or slideshow; increase Facebook page “likes”, send a pre-populated Tweet, and more.
  • Samples are available via this link.

How cost-effective is CASE Ad Network?

  • Our CPMs are among the lowest, if not the lowest, for a transparent blue-chip network that offers site-level reporting, for specific, geo targeted audience niches within arts, culture, education, and related content segments.

What is the minimum buy on the CASE Study Ad Network?

  • $8,630 is the current minimum buy for 1,000,000 impressions
  • Also includes the conversion of your creative to Spongecell interactive technology
  • Prepayment is required for new advertisers

How long will the campaign run?

  • The average duration is 4 weeks for a minimum buy
  • Adjustments can be made on a case-by-case basis to achieve any goal of your campaign

What kind of performance metrics will be available to me? 

  • Advertisers can see their campaign’s performance, on-demand
  • Metrics include standards like Click Through Rate (CTR), Mouseover Rate, Interactivity Rate, Inter-banner click rate, screen/video completion, and more
  • Tweaking and optimizing the creative is included in the cost and is done on-demand, within reason

Will I know which sites the banners have been on? 

  • Site level reporting is standard in all CASE Study campaigns
  • You will know exactly how many impressions ran on each site within the site list, on demand

Will my ads be spread evenly across all of the sites in the network I chose?

  • Not necessarily – your ads will be placed on the sites with your chosen network with available inventory at the time your campaign runs
  • This fluctuates minute-by-minute, and is based on market conditions, though most advertisers see a strong mix of placements, and value the ability to enhance their direct, contextual buys with a diversified multi-site approach that will help surround their target user organically
  • Once the campaign is up and running, adjustments can be made so that we optimize towards the best producing available inventory that reaches your target user based on performance.

Where on these sites will my banner be displayed?

  • Placement varies across the site list and depends on advertising volume and, again, market conditions.
  • Advertisers can expect to be on a mixture of homepages, section front pages, and internal/article level pages.

I already make direct ad buys with some of the sites on your list. How will this affect my campaign with those sites?

  • A campaign on our networks will support a direct buy with any of the sites, allowing an advertiser to better organically surround their target user.

Can I opt out of some sites from this list so as to customize my campaign?

  • Yes, Advertisers can exclude 1-5 sites from the network(s) they are on if they feel it is not where they want their banners to be, for whatever reason.


How long will it take to get going usually?

  • From submission of Insertion Order and ad creative, it takes approximately 7-14 days to go live, depending on the Advertiser’s approval process. Rush campaigns are available upon request for a premium.

What materials do I have to provide? What are the banner sizes and specs?

  • Our networks use standard sized, non-expanding leaderboard (728×90 pixels), square (300×250 pixels) and skyscraper (160×600 pixels) ads. In most cases, campaigns utilize all three in order to avail themselves of the best inventory available.
  • Advertisers need to supply static (GIF or JPEG under 20K) and/or flash ads (SWF or FLA files under 40K), along with a storyboard or description of the functionality desired.
  • For information on the Spongecell interactivity, details are available here.

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