Transparent Reporting

With every CASE Study Network buy, we offer full disclosure – a list of specific sites your campaign is running on, and detailed metrics that convey how your ad is performing. In addition to providing standard metrics like the number of impressions served and Click-Through Rate (CTR), we also include Hover Intent, Engagement, Average Engagement Time, Feature Views, and Feature Completion Rate.



Site-level metrics are available with every CASE  Study campaign, so you know how your ad units are performing on specific sites. For example, you can find out which banner size has a stronger click through rate or feature view on, or see if it is performing above or below benchmark on You will always know exactly where your ads are running, when, how many impressions, and measure your campaign’s effectiveness.




Heat maps are used to display areas of a web page most frequently scanned by visitors, and indicate how the visitors interact with the creative. They are very valuable tools to optimize your ad, and easily answer common mid-campaign questions like:

  • Is the desired outcome being achieved?
  • Should the creative be changed?
  • Should the buttons be changed, or moved?